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Heating Care

What happens to my HeatingCare plan if I move house?

It’s transferable! We’ll arrange a time to pop round free of charge to check the heating system in your new place, and if everything’s fine we’ll transfer your plan absolutely free. We’ll even give the boiler in your new home a free service at the same time, as long as it passes the inspection.

I’ve been offered boiler cover with my home insurance – what’s the difference between that and HeatingCare?

Home insurance policies usually only provide you with Home Emergency Cover. This covers the cost of making the boiler safe in the event of an emergency, but you’d still have to pay to have it repaired to working order. Our HeatingCare provides you with fully comprehensive cover including all parts and labour and also entitles you to a free boiler service every year.

What’ll happen if I miss a Direct Debit payment?

You’ll need to call us to make a one-off payment over the phone, and your plan will be suspended until the payment due is cleared. If you miss three Direct Debit payments we’d have to cancel your plan.

How long does my HeatingCare plan last?

A year at a time. It’s an annual plan, paid either monthly or upfront in one go.

Do you charge interest if paid monthly?

No, it’s the same amount, just spread into easier payments.

What if I want to upgrade my heating system?

No probs – just call us for a free, no-obligation quote. We offer all the following services:

• System filters
• Radiators – supply and install
• Programmable room stats
• Smart control – NEST
• Powerflush

I want to pay the full amount upfront. Can I use my card or a cheque?

Either, no probs.

Can I choose the date the Direct Debit is taken out of my bank account?

Not at the moment. They’re taken out on the 1st of every month.

Does HeatingCare include an annual service?


Is there an age limit on my boiler?

No and it doesn’t matter who installed it either, as long as all of the essential working parts are still available.

How do I know when my next annual service is due?

No worries – we’ll send you a letter up to 6 weeks beforehand to remind you.

What happens if I want to replace my boiler?

Just ask us for a free quote for a new one – we’ll arrange for our surveyor to call round when it suits you, so we can advise on the best one for your needs. There’s no obligation to buy, but if you do decide to go ahead you can choose from a range of easy ways to pay that include spreading the cost for up to 10 years, and we’d also transfer your HeatingCare plan to your new boiler free of charge.

Boiler installations

Who would install my new boiler?

A safe pair of hands – all our installations are carried out by our fully qualified 0800 Repair engineers.


How quickly can I expect an engineer if my boiler breaks down?

We aim to be with you the same day – or, at the very worst, the next day.

Do you do evening and/or weekend callouts?

Yes, we work 24/7 for emergency callouts.

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Need help, just ask 0800 884 1247

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Currently we cover the whole of the North East with our gas repair and installation services, expanding into other areas soon.

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