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Coronavirus update

Update on our policy for dealing with Coronavirus

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Tradesman did a fabulous job and talked me through how to work boiler.


The safety and well-being of our customers is of the utmost importance.

While the situation around Coronavirus keeps evolving, we’re closely monitoring government and official public health organisation announcements for guidance, and we wanted to let you know the actions we are taking in relation to our engineers visiting your home.

Our employees are fully updated on the current requirements and are undertaking stringent health and safety measures to ensure that the highest possible hygiene standards are maintained throughout every aspect of our daily work – particularly for our engineers visiting customers’ homes.

We have distributed antibacterial hand wipes and hand gel to every employee (both office based and field engineers). In addition, all field engineers have been issued with special gloves which restrict the virus.

Our engineers are required to undertake a dynamic risk assessment before entering each property and go through a hygiene procedure which involves cleaning their hands using the antibacterial wipes and wearing the special gloves.

Engineers are also required to confirm with you that the situation your health hasn’t changed from when the call was originally booked, you as the customer are welcome to confirm with the engineer that they have completed the required hand cleaning before they enter your home.

Staying COVID-19 Secure

We confirm we fully comply with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19.

View our COVID Secure Statement PDF


Coronavirus FAQs

Here we have listed the most Frequently Asked Questions by our customers. If you have any other questions you would like us to answer, please contact us.

We are still providing repairs to the following types of essential appliances which are no longer functioning correctly:

  • Heating Systems
  • Boiler repairs
  • Gas Safety Checks (Annual Service CP12)
  • Heating Care Cover
  • Thermostat faults

We are also installing new heating systems where the customer is experiencing any issues with their heating or hot water. In addition, we continue to provide landlord gas safety inspections for our clients and attend all appliances where there is a reported gas leak.

This is not a complete list and we assess each repair individually to determine whether it is classed as essential, urgent or routine (e.g. some cosmetic repairs where the main appliance functions continue to operate). If your repair is routine, we will take all the details from you and schedule it once the threat of Coronavirus has passed.

Yes, we will still attend your home to undertake repairs or installations to essential appliances. Our engineers will contact you prior to the scheduled visit to confirm your household isn’t currently suffering from any symptoms of COVID-19, note engineers will only enter the property once you have confirmed there are no cases of coronavirus.

All customers will be asked to occupy a different room to the engineer whilst they are undertaking the repair, and to maintain the government guidelines for social distancing at all times.

Any customer who fails to abide by the social distancing rules will be refused a repair.

If we can help you without visiting your home we will, our contact centre colleagues will assist where possible

Yes, customers are encouraged to give us a call regardless of the problem with their appliance, our contact centre agents will assist over the phone where possible.

Any repairs which are deemed as nonessential but still require an engineer visit will be booked for a future date and attended once the lookdown period has ended.

We have a duty to perform service checks on all our properties, this is to keep you safe. You must allow us access to your home to complete this service, but we can put some measures in place to help reassure you.

Our Technicians are regularly washing their hands and using hand sanitiser. They will clean all surfaces they touch before leaving your property. You can allow access to your property, but you do not need to be in the same room as the Technician as they complete their checks therefore you can minimise contact with them.

If you are concerned about any aspect of this, please contact us and we can discuss individual measures we can put in place to reassure you.

You should follow the advice of your Doctor and self-isolate. If you need an emergency repair, we have specially trained Technicians who can work in your home in a safe and clean way. You should not be in the same room as the Technician whilst they undertake the work so you can maintain your distance from them.

The Technician will clean any surfaces they touch before leaving your property. We will do everything we can to minimise the contact we make with you and to protect you whilst in self-isolation.

Currently we are not entering the home of any customer who has a confirmed case of Coronavirus.

It is essential you tell us in advance if you, or someone in your property has a confirmed case of Coronavirus.

Firstly, thank you for your patience. We are experiencing very high call volumes in our Contact Centre and we are busy trying to help as many customers as quickly as we can.

If you have a question or query that is not an emergency, you can contact us via:

Additional Advice and Measures

Engineers have been asked to follow the guidelines below whilst undertaking any home visit.

  • reaffirm with customers if they are experiencing any symptoms since booking the job.
  • ask the customer if they have been advised to self-isolate?
  • engineers will not enter the premises of any customer who reports symptoms or is in self isolation.
  • engineers are expected to clean hands before and after every repair.
  • engineers have been advised to keep contact with the customer to a minimum and ask customers to occupy an alternative room whilst working in their premises (if possible).
  • engineers have been advised to not accept any hot or cold drinks from customers.
  • if the customer answers ‘Yes’ to questions 1 & 2 then they will not enter your property. The engineer will instead call head office and rebook your job for 4 weeks in advance
  • customers with symptoms or in self isolation will be asked to call back after 14 days once they are clear of any symptoms or have been tested to confirm no presence of the virus.

The business receives regular updates every two days to relay to staff the latest guidance and developments relating to the management of outbreak.

We will continue to take every precautionary measure we can to ensure our processes remain as clean and hygienic as possible.